Ask A Costa Rica Building Expert

tamarindo homeAre you thinking of buying a lot and building a home in Costa Rica? Have you set your sights on an area or a specific property that you find attractive and is priced within your budget? Have you done most of your due diligence?

Before going another step forward or signing on the dotted line… stop here! This blog is intended to help you get it right first, either before you buy, or immediately after. We want to help prevent you from making the many mistakes and omissions others have made that will cause agony, delays, unnecessary expenses and frustration down the line. Our contributors are expert builders, developers, attorneys and long-time residents of Costa Rica who have been through the process many times, have learned from their own mistakes and experience, and who want to smooth the road for others.

This blog is interactive. We welcome specific questions at any time, and will answer them to the best of our ability.  Feel free to contribute.


  • Asked by Sharon: My husband and I are thinking about buying a home in Punta Leona.  My questions, Is that price to high? Its it typical for agents and contractors to give commission? Or do you think we are being ripped off because we are Americans? … see  kick-back and costs


  • Asked by Tim: Someone told me that not all areas in Costa Rica have access to water and electricity: How do I know if water and electricity is available in the area? …. see water and electricity



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