Buying property in Costa Rica

So you are thinking of buying property in Costa Rica. Great! We at Real Estate Costa Rica are here to guide you through the maze, make sure you find the property that is right for you, and make your eventual purchase as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

The mechanics of buying real estate in Costa Rica are slightly different from what you encounter buying property at home. For instance, there is no MLS service here. So it is best to have a professional real estate agent be with you from start to finish to avoid misunderstandings, hitches or errors when you search and buy.

All of Real Estate Costa Rica’s experienced, competent real estate professionals and associates have lived in the country for more than 20 years. We have a firm grasp of the real estate market in Costa Rica, what constitutes good value, all the legal intricacies, and are fully acquainted with the ins and outs of how to buy and sell property in Costa Rica. Every property we list ourselves on our site, or recommend to you after consultation with others with whom we work, is exactly as listed, and has been carefully inspected and vetted to ensure that there are no legal or other obstacles to your purchase.

Real Estate Costa Rica is here to serve you. Tell us what kind of property in Costa Rica you are looking for; where if you can – it’s always good if you have done a bit of homework beforehand – and, of course, your budget. We will do our best to find it for you, either our own listing, or another agent’s. Be realistic. We will be realistic and honest as well. If what you are looking for can’t be found in the area you want, or within your budget, or if your offer is too low, or even too high for that matter, we will tell you.

Once you have chosen a property, or several, that you might buy in Costa Rica, we urge you to travel here as soon as possible for an inspection. Our own real estate professionals will arrange and accompany you on your visits to properties you select; where this might not be possible, one of our trusted associates will be with you. We can also arrange your airport transfers, hotel accommodation, tourist activities and whatever else you might want to do or see in Costa Rica.

Real Estate Costa Rica is on your side. You are our client, and our clients come first. When consulting with the owners/sellers of the properties we list or will find for you, our experienced, aware professionals will always try to get the best, most equitable final price for both buyer and seller. We look forward to making your purchase of real estate in Costa Rica easy and hassle-free.

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