Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica – Homes and Business

Ciudad Colón Real Estate For SaleCiudad Colón, the small town just west of Santa Ana, Costa Rica, has become one of the hottest real estate areas in the country. It is an inviting community where you can leisurely walk to the center of town to shop at one of its small stores, or have lunch at a soda (café) or small restaurant, most of which serve Costa Rican food. Although Ciudad Colón is a rural location, it is definitely not in the middle of nowhere. Not only is it home to the United Nations-sponsored University for Peace; it is also a charming residential community with easy access to all the services and modern conveniences of nearby Santa Ana and Escazú.

Ciudad Colón is the principal town in the Canton (country) of Mora, San José Province. It is known and appreciated for its warm climate; proximity to nature and the surrounding mountains; folk traditions; horse riding, and fast-growing expat community. Just under three miles from the center of town is the United Nations University for Peace where 200 students from around the world pursue their master’s degrees in a wide variety of academic disciplines such as international peace studies, conflict resolution and settlement of disputes, human rights and natural resources management. Most of its students live in Ciudad Colón, which gives the town a distinctive atmosphere.

Demographically, Ciudad Colón can be considered just as cosmopolitan as Santa Ana or Escazú, but in terms of amenities and available services, it is more like a typical small Costa Rican town. Real estate prices and rents are relatively lower than in Santa Ana or Escazú. There is a modern supermarket catering to the expat market, along with dozens of other small stores, banks and pharmacies. There are no really upscale bars or restaurants in town, but many local places offer good food, drink and entertainment. Ciudad Colón also has its outdoor activities such as horse riding, mountain biking, running and hiking.