There is an abundance of commercial and industrial property for sale or for rent in Costa Rica. Facilities are available throughout the country. Everything will be determined by what type of business you are contemplating, and what its requirements might be: office complexes, manufacturing locations, warehousing…
If you are considering a start-up business like a call center or something that demands an onsite, educated, computer literate workforce and a
modern, rapid communications system, the metropolitan San José area is the most logical. There are entire modern office buildings, floors and suites for sale or for rent with comprehensive digital infrastructure in place, to complement the large, available, skilled, labor market in and around San José. An option is a more modest structure, basically a shell – perhaps a large empty warehouse or part of a warehouse in more industrial, lower-cost areas – that can be filled with the equipment and facilities required. If you plan to produce and/or be an exporter of Costa Rica agricultural, manufactured or artisanal products, naturally you will need facilities near
your production site, and also, perhaps, near the international airport and Costa Rica’s two commercial marine ports: Puntarenas on the Pacific, and Limón on the Caribbean. Ditto if you plan to be an importer of goods from abroad. If you are contemplating manufacturing and exporting, you can buy or rent commercial/industrial real estate in one of the zona franca (free zone) areas near the international airports in San José, or the marine ports. This might be more attractive, depending on the tax status the Costa Rican government will grant your business.
There is a broad range of industrial/commercial real estate for sale in Costa Rica, and for rent as well. A reliable, informed agent will be able to help you decide and to rapidly find the property in Costa Rica meeting your requirements.

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