The recent trend to be self sufficient and “live off the land” has taken hold in many areas of Costa Rica. Considering the geographic diversity of the country, there are many opportunities for a variety of types of agriculture.
Prospective buyers are looking for existing farms and raw land to start an assortment of projects. Whether they want to start an organic growing operation, a permaculture garden or even buy an existing coffee farm and continue operations, there is a large variety of land parcels and
agricultural businesses available in any of the provinces of Costa Rica.
Many products are exported from the country but the interest in local produce and organic farming is becoming increasing popular. The selection of produce available throughout the country in farmers markets attests to the crops that can be grown. There are small parcels of land available everywhere, should one want to start a hobby farm or just grow crops and raise animals for personal consumption.
There have even been instances where large tracts of land have been purchased simply to preserve them. Others have sold their land to people that have transitioned it from cattle ranching to raising lamb or goats to meet the demand of these products.
The Moringa tree, which is a new “super food” lends itself well to the climate in the north Pacific region as well as the south of the Nicoya Peninsula and is said to grow like a weed
in these areas. Other crop ideas to consider are cacao and coconut based on the dwindling supply to make chocolate and the health benefits of coconut oil.

There are a myriad of farming opportunities in all areas of Costa Rica and the difficult part will be deciding where you want to set up your farm or ranch and what you want to raise.

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