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You have decided to sell a property/home that you own in Costa Rica. Make it easier and reach more potential buyers by listing with Real Estate Costa Rica.

Real Estate Costa Rica puts sellers and serious buyers together. You can be sure that your listing on our new, attractive, user-friendly and professionally indexed site at no cost to you, will reach hundreds of people that you would never be able to reach in other ways, either by posting the property yourself on your own internet page, or on other generic sites like Craigslist.

Of course, we will ask for an up-to-date plan catastro, title, uso de suelo and access to water and electricity (if a building lot or farm), and the registration of any mortgages or liens. Any fuzziness or incorrect information can result in the loss of a sale, or legal problems down the road. We will also ask for email or written confirmation of permission to list, our exclusive or otherwise representation of your property in Costa Rica, our commission, and the terms of payment.

Real Estate Costa Rica will earn our agreed-on commission! Once you have provided us with an outline and photos of the property in Costa Rica you want us to list, our experienced copy writers and layout artists will make our listing of your home or property as attractive as possible. We will promote your property. We will ensure that every detail you choose to mention is found in the description. As far as humanly possible, we will do our best to see your property itself, or have an associate in the area look at it. If everything that the potential buyer encounters on our site matches what she/he will see on an actual showing, the more probability of a sale. No one wants surprises.

Every client Real Estate Costa Rica brings you will have been vetted in advance to ensure that she/he is in a financial position to purchase your property

We ask you, as we ask buyers, to be realistic. Our experienced real estate professionals, and most of our associates, have lived in Costa Rica for more than 20 years, and know property values. Give us a fair, attractive asking price to post, with room for negotiations. An exorbitant asking price, or unwillingness to negotiate, can result in the loss of an otherwise perfectly reasonable sale.

It is now almost impossible for a non-Costa Rican to obtain a loan from a Costa Rican bank. Before you list with us, please let us know if you are willing to take back some of the paper, and on what terms.

Real Estate Costa Rica looks forward to promoting your property in Costa Rica on our website, and to ensuring a smooth and rapid sale.

You can submit a contact form or reach us directly to get your property listed!